Data Insight

Turning data into insights – with our analytics system we help make sense of your data which in turn leads to businesses making astute decisions.

Big Data

Face Recognition Camera

Information Generated:

  • Gender(Accuracy 99.4%)
  • Age group (Accuracy 99%)
  • Kids, Teen, Adult, Mid Age, Senior

Data Sourcing

Big Data Crowd Analytics

Information Generated:

  • Social Data – Instagram, Twitter Data
  • Traffic – Google Traffic Data (200 m radius considered)
  • GPS – Device Movement Data from our Data Aggregators
  • LAMP “Location Audience Measurement Platform”
  • Potential Views (Total Accumulative Visits)
  • Reach (Unique Accumulative Visits)

Data Analytics and Measurements

Big Data
in Digital Age

We encourage our valued clients to arm themselves with accurate and comprehensive data analysis.
Boost Retail Sales
Measure Traffic
Track Headcount
Optimize Product Placement
Improve SKU Relevance
Maintain Customer Relationships