Interactive Activations

One-of-its-kind experiential marketing

A series of marketing initiatives businesses use to create impression, engagement and recruitment.

Eu Yan Sang

A fusion of traditional and modern approach that boosts remarkable brand experience.

Client’s Objective

Eu Yan Sang is a global healthcare company that specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As they celebrated their 140 years of excellence and philanthropic initiatives milestone, EYS approached us to create a series of immersive digital solutions that does brand awareness as well as customer engagement.

Project Summary

Eu Yan Sang wanted to educate the public about their background history, the brand ideology and the process of making Traditional Chinese Medicine. While highlighting the process of herb picking to preparation of herbs, we actualized their goal by implementing traditional wisdom onto modern digital devices.

After carrying out the required R&D, we worked out the interactive technical solutions including software and hardware development, machine rental, design and animation, motion sensor technology, interactive POSM and digital wishing tree. This fusion approach successfully aided in striking the number of visitors to the booth by two-fold. The uncommon creation was also featured on media.


New product launching utilizes subtle digital activation approach that amplifies human senses in retail marketing.

Client’s Objective

Sulwhalsoo is a South-Korean beauty cosmetics brand operated by AmorePacific Corporation. They desired to gamify their new series of beauty product launch via digital campaigns. We were honoured to have provided them our flagship product on-site activation that is fully user-centered and thus makes Sulwhalsoo stand out from its competitors.

Project Summary

To provide a comprehensive user experience, our team worked closely with Sulwhasoo to bring the retail experience to the next level. Centered around their new product series launch, visitors experience like a VIP where they register via an exclusive RSVP registration system to get a unique QR code.

At the experience centre, each station was fabricated distinctively to describe the features and functionality of client’s products. Visitors redeem “scores” at every checkpoint when they scan their unique QR code. Overall the campaign help the client to boost the brand awareness and product knowledge among targeted audience.


Immersive mobile web racing game to drive offline store sales.

Client’s Objective

7-Eleven is the pioneer and biggest 24-hour convenience store operator in Malaysia. In conjunction with an international racing tournament, 7- Eleven came to us to organize a web campaign to drive both online and o1⁄2ine awareness. We designed, implemented and crafted an engaging online racing game for 7-Eleven’s international racing campaign.

Project Summary

As how we intended to deliver a quality output for all our clients, from designing the game concept to crafting a smooth user experience, we paid great attention to fine details. Throughout the exciting development journey, we properly built the cloud-based architecture to ensure a smooth user experience as well as system reliability and security.All in all, This immersive mobile web game not only received an enormous amount of responses, it also helped spur awareness among esports enthusiasts and thus stimulated 7- Eleven’s store sales.

Genting SkyClassic

On-Ground Digital Game with automation feature that spurs membership recruitment journey.

Client’s Objective

Resort World Genting is a prime leisure and entertainment resort operator in Malaysia. They reached out to us with a purpose to design and develop interactive digital solution that enables crowd attraction especially the younger generation to visit Genting.

Project Summary

With client’s goal as our goal, we brought about a series of monthly-themed digital games onsite to promote new member sign-ups. As Resort World Genting was seeking to target younger generation, that made us to develop interactive digital solution well-suited for tech-savvy group of individuals.We offer the best of our technical experience through delivering software and hardware development, design and animation, tracking and analytics, as well as automating the Genting membership registration process to smoothen the consumer journey in overall. It was a wrap! This membership recruitment program has achieved far better than the desired aim with exceeding players of more than 25,000 players per month.

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